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    Our awesome Story
    Briggolas gives you the ultimate in quality through a passion for and a track record of delivery that is on time and on budget.

About Briggolas

We are a Sydney based construction group specializing in building new homes and residential property development. Our attention to detail and the rapid timeframe in which we complete our projects is what sets us apart from the rest. We also do insurance building work across Sydney meaning we have a far-reaching network of suppliers and trades on hand, allowing us to continually exceed our client’s expectations in building excellence.

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Building iconic skyscrapers. Planning new cities. Restoring damaged environments. Connecting people and economies with roads, bridges, tunnels and transit systems. Designing parks where children play. Helping governments maintain stability and security.


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interior design

As a Design-Build company we understand that what’s inside matters. Just as wall systems and steel trusses support and shape the exterior, workspace solutions and integrated palettes define the interior and create an aesthetic, efficient working environment.


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Special projects

Briggolas is not only your Builder of Choice for large complex projects, our Special Projects Division (SPD) can handle any type of project no matter how small. Our SPD teams can provide construction services for any healthcare, commercial, tenant improvement, retail, clean room, as well as industrial projects.